You don't have to spend all your life in meetings

Save 80%+ of your time

Get notified when people discuss a topic that you care about. And get a transcript of the whole call

How does it work?


Get a transcript of the entire meeting

With AI Speech to Text translation you get the whole conversation right inside Google Meet


Automatically save transcripts to

Google Docs

You can forget about taking notes manually. Come back to the conversation when you want or send the transcript to your team.


Add keywords, grab some tea

Set up keywords (for example, your name), and feel free to browse the Internet, watch YouTube or do your business.


Get notified when the keyword is mentioned

We notify you once your keyword is mentioned by someone in the meeting. Never miss an important discussion.


Collect all your meetings in one place

Meeting captions are automatically saved to your Google Drive folder so you can access them later.

You can save up to

0 %+

of your time during some calls

Spend time during meetings as you like

Get immediate results. Double your productivity already during the 1st call

Is this tool for me?

If people feel that all their meetings are already 100% productive and meaningful - this tool is not for them.

But if you feel that meetings shouldn't take away hours from your life, we respectfully welcome you onboard.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you store my conversations?

We do not store your conversations on our servers. Here is how it works:

1._Google Meet generates closed captions.

2._MeetForMe takes the captions and performs a keyword analysis.

3._Additionally, it records the captions to create a transcript.

All these steps are done on your computer inside of the browser. And after that, it sends the captions from your computer directly to Google Docs. Your data belongs to you.

Is there a version for Zoom?

We are currently working on a version for Zoom and we are planning to release it soon.

Can I do other things in parallel while being in a meeting?

Yes. One of the main goals of this extension is to help you accomplish more things and save time during meetings.


If you have any questions feel free to connect on twitter:

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